To Best Tell the Soldier's Story, You had to Fight by His Side

Riders on the Storm

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Back by popular demand. Riders on the Storm, first published in 1994, depicts UH-1 Hueys inserting troops into a hot LZ during the Vietnam War, a scene that occurred many thousands of times. The first edition of this print sold out over 15 years ago. To celebrate my 25th year in business, I am offering this print again.  At 18" X 25", it is slightly smaller than the first edition. This image remains my personal favorite, as it captures a moment of skill, intensity and brotherhood that those who did not experience it can never understand. The standard version as shown, is $80.00 ea.  The customized version, where I will hand-paint  your unit markings, tail number, nose art, etc. is $125.00. Prices include shipping.  For customized version, please indicate D or H model? Catwhisker antennas for D model? Sync elevators Red/.Orange or O.D?   Describe aircraft markings and time period.