To Best Tell the Soldier's Story, You had to Fight by His Side

Drop Ramps

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Copyrigh 2005. 20" X 28." Task Force 1-9 CAV conducted over 2,250 combat patrols in Central Baghdad between April 2004 and March 2005. They conducted 42 Task Force Level operations consisting of raids, cordon and search operations and assualts upon insurgent positions. Most of the Task Force missions involved inserting dismounted soldiers along the apartment buildings on Haifa Street in the vicinity of Talia Square. During these operations the soldiers were most vulnerable while exiting their armored vehicles and moving to a covered and concealed position. The enemy often focused their attacks on this event. The moment of truth came when the order came  to "Drop Ramps." All prints countersigned by squadron commander LTC McDonald and squadron CSM Felt.